Since the last events, a gleam of peace announces and gives again hope with Afghan so deeply meurtris.

During these long years of war, some Afghan, for the majority, exiled, chose to carry out the combat differently: by the writing and the publication of works, with an aim of preserving the identity and the integrity of their country, Afghanistan.

Founded there is nearly 10 years in Limoges, the Association of the Afghan Culture contributed to the safeguarding of the cultural and historical inheritance of Afghanistan. Its principal activities were:

- the edition of historical works or arts persons of Afghan authors
- translation and the edition of works of French authors into Persan
- reproduction of literary and historical works, become rare because of the destruction of the libraries in Afghanistan
- the drafting and the edition of the handbooks of training of the language Persian
- diffusion of these works
- the realization of a first Afghan publishing software in Dari and pashtô, entitled “Haft Kalam”
- the constitution of a documentary file

We gathered the whole of our activities of editions a single label ” the Bamiyan Editions “. We wish to give thus more means to the people eager to publish their works.

Yours sincerely
Mr. Aref AZIZ
President of the Afghan Culture Association .